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Custom orthotics conform to your feet, dispersing the pressure from the ground and supporting the small joints in your feet. Custom orthotics are comparable to prescription eyeglasses – some people don’t need them at all, some need them often, others need them all the time. Your foot structure and your symptoms will determine if custom orthotics are right for you. As we age it is common for the small muscles, ligaments, and joints in our feet to weaken and need external support.

The surfaces we walk on do not conform to our feet. Even plush carpet does a poor job of dispersing pressure. Wearing supportive shoes is helpful but without orthotics it is often not enough.

Not getting enough foot support usually manifests in one of two ways. Either your feet get achy or you get recurrent pains or injury to your feet, knee, or hip. If you limit your activity or exercise due to achy feet, you should consider custom orthotics. Episodic foot pain is common in those without enough support. Pain presents after injury or overuse and improves when you limit your activity – only to return again.

Don’t let foot pain limit your activity.  Dr. Bridger can pad and tape your foot for support, immobilization, and edema control. This typically allows you to continue your activity while your body heals. Custom orthotics help prevent recurrent pain. Dr. Bridger wears them everyday.

What about over the counter inserts?

There is a wide variety of over the counter inserts, some of which may be helpful and others which may actually cause harm. Even the right type of insert is not likely to conform well to your foot. These inserts are made for someone – but that may not be you. It would be like taking your friends eyeglasses and expecting them to work for you. Most people need different orthotics for each foot!

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